Brian Jr

Played by Will Shadley

Brian Darling, Jr.
Brian Darling (Father)

Andrea Smithson (Mother)

Tripp Darling ("Grandfather")

Letitia Darling (Grandmother)

Dutch George (Grandfather)

Nick George (Uncle)

Lisa George (Ex Aunt)

Patrick Darling (Uncle)

Ellen Darling (Aunt; deceased)

Karen Darling (Aunt)

Jeremy Darling (Uncle)

Juliet Darling (Aunt)

Kiki George (Cousin)

Leah Darling (Cousin)

Lacey Darling (Cousin)

Brian Jr. is Brian's illegitimate child with Andrea Smithson.

He is left in his father's care after his mother leaves for Brazil, and is initially viewed as an inconvenience by his father. However, Jr. becomes attached to Brian and his family, and is dazzled by the Darling's lavish lifestyle. He is told to lie about his true identity, but ends up telling his wife the truth out of guilt.

When Andrea returns, Brian Jr.'s parents battle over custody of him, and he is taken to Brazil by his mother after his father tries to bribe the judge. He returns to New York by stowing away on his father's plane, and as Brian and Andrea is married he finally gets to live together with both his parents.

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